Danae Mikalakis as Aphrodite

Giorgos Papageogiou as Hymeros

Penny Boukouvala as Maria

Louie Betton as Louie

Vassili Psyliotis as The Camera Man


Poppy Koroneo as Poppy

Georgos Koroneos as Georgos

Georgos Fatseas as The Blind Taxi Driver

Nancy Boukli as Professor Filodoxopoulos

Andreas Anipsitakis as Benson

Professor Filodoxopoulos and her assistant Benson searching for the Lost Temple of Aphrodite

Every place has its secrets, and the Holy Island of Kythera is no different. The birthplace of Aphrodite, Kythera is an island on which nothing is ever as it seems and you can never be sure what you are going to find.  

Goddess Aphrodite (Danae Mikalaki) and her cynical demigod assitant Hymeros (Giorgos Papageorgiou) watching over Kythera.


In James Prineas’ new quirky comedy, Lost on Kythera, Aphrodite and her assistant Hymeros (played by A-List Greek actors Danae Mikalaki and Georgos Papageorgiou) make sure of it, especially when archaeologist Nancy Filodoxopoulos and her university assistant, Benson, start poking around the island’s ruins in search of Aphrodite’s famous lost temple. As Aphrodite watches them grow ever more earnest in their quest, she is forced to use all her godly powers to keep her sacred temple invisible. 

Greek icon of stage and screen Efi Stamouli plays the last village resident and possible ghost Aliki, who is never without her cigar.

The temple-hunters aren’t the only ones to get caught up in the island’s many secrets. Young lovers Louie and Maria arrive on the island for a romantic getaway, only to be plunged into a comic mystery of their own. Abandoned in a deserted village by Kythera’s famous Blind Taxi Driver, the couple must scramble to find their way out of a labyrinth in which all paths lead back to the same place. Their hopes of an escape are raised when they encounter the village’s sole inhabitant Aliki Mavromattis (Greek theatre icon Efi Stamouli), then complicated when her offers of help seem more like macabre goose chases.  

Kythera’s Blind Taxi Driver Georgos Fatseas at the wheel.


Produced by Diaspora Kytherians Anthony and Colleen Cordato, the film was shot on location on Kythera and inlcudes brilliant local actors from James’ previous films. 


Premieres are being planned for October in Australia. For more information contact James Prineas


Director James Prineas with local talent Poppy Koroneo